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Frequently asked Question

How long is one treatment?

First treatment - 1 hour and half.

Follow up treatment - 30 ~45 minutes 

Do you bill insurance?

I bill insurance as an out of network practitioner. Please inquire your insurance company if your insurance cover acupuncture treatment. 

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Acupuncture treatments are customized to one person at one moment in time. Each person is different and the number of treatments required depends on the depth of the condition and the overall health of the patient. The benefits of acupuncture are cumulative. In general, you should feel some results within one to two treatments, with a larger shift for the better happening around treatment four – six. A typical acupuncture series lasts for at least twelve treatments. Appointments are scheduled once or twice in the first few weeks and then further and further apart after the optimal response has been achieved.

What should I wear?

Comfortable, loose clothing is best. At the very least, I will need access to acupuncture points that are distal to the elbows and knees and to your whole back. I may ask you to change into a gawn before the treatment starts. I can drape your body to cover any areas that are not required for treatment to maintain patient comfort. 

What should I do before treatment?

Try to avoid the following:

An empty stomach or eating a big meal within one hour of your appointment
Alcohol, tobacco, food or drinks that color your tongue (such as coffee or candies) immediately prior to treatment or just following a treatment
Vigorous exercise or sexual activity within the hour before treatment
It also helps to be in a calm state. Try to arrive 5 or 10 minutes before your appointment to give yourself a chance to relax.